Tom Seabourne Ph.D

Tom and Chilly’s Maximum Performance Program: Tactics and Techniques.

Hello. Interested in escaping the modern fitness jungle?

Yes, you say.

Then it’s time to take some individual, personal responsibility. To quote a famous line in an 80’s movie, “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore.”

Are you aware that more and more people are exercising less and less. The truth is that only 5 percent of Americans work out on a regular basis. It is far easier to say “I don’t have time” than to change exercise, stress management, and diet habits. A majority of people desiring change are actually out there looking for short-cuts. From newfangled rowers to step machines, Americans are eager to pay big bucks for a better body. The average Jane and Joe would rather pay $99.95 than stroll around the block three days a week.

Infomercials display the latest fitness-fraud sauna wraps, rubber belts, vibrating machines, relaxacisers, and weighted belts. One infomercial disparages rubber-band resistance in favor of cheaper and more user-friendly models. Another professes quite the opposite. Proponents of non-motorized treadmills say they are better than motorized, expensive ones. A second channel is reversing this opinion.

Medical researchers are selling out to snake oil salesmen and are teaming up in search of a magic bullet. Amino acids, special vitamins and colloidal minerals, mushrooms, vanadyl sulfate, shark cartilage, exotic heart destroying drugs (remember Phen-fen); all are hoped to contain the secret shortcut to health and fitness.

And how about the fad diets. It is an understatement to say they don’t work. Recently the government has chastised many of the leading weight-loss centers for false claims. Doctors are on the street corner hawking different “programs.” Scam diets including the latest “magical, miraculous, exotic, exclusive, new discovery breakthroughs.” Flim-flam at its best.

Ever wonder why Americans are in worse shape than ever?

Really why? There are more health clubs than ever in history. Low-fat and no fat foods abound. Special pills practically allow fat to pass through the body. Implants can change a skinny ectomorph into a muscular mesomorph. Stomach stapling and gastric bypass surgery are on the rise.

Again, with all this “help”, why?

Look around for the answer. How many gym-rats do you know whose bodies never change? Ever see obese people filling their grocery carts with low-fat cakes, cookies, and ice cream? Fat-reducing creams are tempting, but where does the fat go? What happens when you stop using the cream?

The truth is there is no magical short-cut and reaching for one on the shelf is just another rung on the ladder of failure.

The fact is that we are all different. If you are a couch potato, athlete, man, woman, child, or adult, you can be fit. There are many ingredients to your fitness recipe. Physical fitness includes having enough strength to carry a load of groceries. Your flexibility is adequate if you can comfortably reach down to tie your shoes. Your cardiovascular endurance should enable you to climb a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing.

The purpose of Maximum Body is to adjust your eating, exercise, and mental toughness programs to fit your lifestyle. For example, better-bad-food-choices may facilitate weight loss. Likewise, a simple breathing strategy may help you to unwind and to reduce stress.

Maximum Body is an interactive program designed to provide open communication between you and us. Your questions will allow us to tailor a program to meet your needs and goals. Maybe we need to obliterate myths such as spot reduction. Maybe you need an opinion on an infomercial device or food supplement. Together we can explore “the best” exercise schedule for your busy life.

Whether you are striving to lose those last few inches around your waist, improve your sports performance, run faster, further, or increase your overall health and fitness, we are confident you will see results from reading and practicing the skills-based techniques presented in Maximum Body. We feel passionate about helping you reach your goals because we know how research-based fitness tips and motivational strategies have helped us and so many others. From the one-meal-a-day-yo-yo-dieter to the overtrained weight-lifter, we have watched hundreds of people turn their lives around.

Maximum Body answers your questions and teaches you to choose and synthesize salient aspects of many different wellness techniques in order to shape your own program to fit into your lifestyle. You will have your own unique formula for peak performance. Wellness is a function of eating correctly, exercising, sleeping well, playing often, and meditating or praying. But do not just take our word for it. Try it and see for yourself. Start today. Getting started is the hard part. But we’ll try to make it simple. Just click here.

Your most important step is asking the first question. In just over a month, you will have more energy. In three months your clothes will fit better. Wellness is not brain surgery. Let’s discover what is sabotaging your fitness.

Take Care,

Tom and Chilly

The first step is a simple one. Ask us any single question that is on your mind regarding any aspect of fitness? Together over a short bit of time we will develop the most practical and efficient tactics and techniques to deliver you to all your fitness and sport goals.