Trigger Points

Nemesis of Today’s Athlete
“Trigger Points dictate sports”- Al Miller, Head Strength Coach NY Giants

As momentum builds with the research of trigger point relevance in the sports world, it would be prudent for all strength coaches, trainers and therapists to understand how trigger point activity can be efficiently modulated in an effort to enhance an athlete’s performance.

Trigger points can cause pain and tightness in a muscle and predispose muscle to injuries. They can also refer pain and joint of the body, mimicking knee pain, hip pain, etc. Last, but not least, they significantly compromise an athlete’s performance.

The success of treating trigger points is directly related to knowledge of proper protocol. For example, it is not uncommon for muscles to have an inflammatory response to a trigger point involvement in the associated muscles. Traditional medical care would prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication. This would only treat the symptoms, as trigger points are not inflammatory in nature.

The proper protocol requires a group of treatments and habits. First of all, location of the trigger point is necessary. This can be done by locating the tender, nodular areas within a muscle. The goal is to restore normal, rich blood and oxygen flow to all parts of all muscles. Trigger points strangulate areas of muscles, cutting off the normal nutrition and lifeline, compromising the muscles abilities to function.

Massage is the first component of proper treatment. This is done with The StickĀ® and should be performed multiple times per day Heat is the second component. This will soften the tightened muscle and cause blood to flush the area. This will enhance oxygen and nutrient delivery to the deprived and tightened muscle. Most heat/ice packs on the market today are designed for the joints, while Muscle Pax are specifically designed for the muscles. Finally, Feeding the muscle is imperative. Team Stick’s Fuel Plus supplement supports the breakdown of muscular waste products while adding oxygen and energy to the muscles.

New Program
This approach to muscular tightness, injuries and ultimate performance potential is both revolutionary and beneficial. While sportsmedicine research has provided significant testing procedures for many muscular maladies, no treatment regime has provided the dramatic relief, prevention and performance breakthrough’s that trigger point attendance shown.