Ephedrine HCL

Ephedrine was discovered in 1887 by the Oriental biochemist Nagi. Given the fact that your body’s hormones and protein utilization is high, many athletes find it important to insure themselves peak workouts. Ephedrine s one of the few proven metabolic optimizes that help that occur. It first received attention in America in 1924 when medical scientists Carl Schmidt and K.K. Chen found it to have very powerful stimulating effects on patients. With respect to it’s origin, the best source of L-Ephedrine is the Ephedra Equisetina (better known as Ma Huang) plant that grows in China and India. The less effective forms of ephedrine generally comes from less expensive plant sources such as Ephedra Nevadensis which grows in the western states.

Ephedrine is the strongest safe stimulant known today. It will allow athletes to train longer and harder, thereby assisting them in making greater gains.