Steroids Kill – Prohormone Intro

Believe it or not, there are still some guys dying to get on steroids. Ask Bill, he was one of them.

Pretty silly, right? No, not the picture……the fact that there are still guys out there looking to get hooked up on steroids. It was crazy years ago when we first found out the dangers in steroid use and the fact that a lot of our friends in the gym were dying. But now, it is down right stupid due to the fact that ProHormones are legal and available inexpensively from any health food store or nutrition website.

If you are not familiar with ProHormones, here is a good introduction.

There is no question that ProHormones are the hottest selling sport supplements on the market. The reason is simple; they have big time effects on muscle growth and athletic performance.

We have to admit though, both the manufacturers and the government are making things very confusing. There is a huge amount of conflicting information; not to mention the fact that every day a new product hits the market. Unless you are a biochemist, it is tough to separate the science from the science fiction. I thought it was time that I sat down and gave you some solid information on which to base your purchasing decisions.

Basically there are 5 popular separate products being sold either individually or in some combination with each other. They are as follows:

19- Norandrostenedione

You can readily see that these products can be grouped by their prefix; Andro vs. Norandro or by their suffix; dione vs. diol.

First we will discuss the Andro vs. Norandro debate.

Androstene (dione or diol) is a legal dietary supplement (nutrient) sold in health food stores and on-line worldwide. It is not a drug; it is a substance produced by the adrenal gland and is also found in the pollen of scotch pine trees. Andro is a metabolite of DHEA but is a huge improvement biochemically. It is a direct precursor to testosterone, meaning, there is only one enzyme needed to change it to testosterone. It is possible with as little as 200 mgs. of Andro to increase circulating testosterone by 200-400 percent. The conversion occurs quickly and the testosterone spike degrades fairly rapidly, most often, wthin hours.

19-Norandrostene (dione or diol), simply stated, it is an andro molecule without any carbon at the 19th position. Without carbon added, norandro cannot be converted to testosterone. Instead, it is converted to nortestosterone, in other words, the hormone nandrolone. Nandrolone is a highly anabolic hormone as well and has a high affinity
for steroid receptors meaning it stays attached much longer (up to 2-3 weeks). As a result, Norandro’s nitrogen retentive and muscle enhancing effects peak less high but last far longer when compared to andro.

The second dimension for comparison is the “diones” vs. the “dioles.”

On the biochem 101 blackboard, the “diols” appear to have much better conversion rates in the body than do the “diones.” But in the real world, unquestionably, the opposite is true. Based on a vast amount of feedback from athletes, androstenedione and 19-norandrostenedione are considered to be far superior to androstenediol and 19-norandrostenediol with respect to their anabolic effects.

Why? There are many different theories bouncing around out there to explain this fact but I favor the most obvious, what I propose as the enzyme availability theory.

Here is a chart on how which enzyme is used to convert each of the individual substances:

Androstenedione 17 Hydroxysteroid dehydrenase
19- Norandrostenedione 17 Hydroxysteroid dehydrenase
4-Androstenediol 3 Hydroxysteroid dehydrenase
19-Norandrostenediol 3 Hydroxysteroid dehydrenase
5-Androstenediol An Isomerase Enzyme

As you can see, all diones are converted using the 17 enzyme while diols use the 3 enzyme. While no one is sure if the body has more 17 enzymes than 3 enzymes we do know that there are different types of 17 enzymes which reside in different organs (i.e. the liver, the testes). I believe that it is the selective availability of these various 17 enzymes which cause the diones to have more biochemical effectiveness compared to that of the diols.

So which are better? Extensive experimentation in the gym and feedback from hundreds of serious users has led me to use a complex contain all 5 of the substances BEFORE training and a combination of the “diones” about 2-3 hours after training.

Personally, I use one 250 mg. HR-70 cap from Outlaw before training and then one or two 19-Norandrostenedione Complex (a combination of Androstenedione and 19-Norandrostendione) from Outlaw. On my off days I normally just take one HR-70 cap.

Feel free to experiment yourself and send me your results, but, if you lack the patience and want fast, excellent results, this plan will probably work as well as anything.

If you are hungry for even better results and would like to learn how the ProHormones fit into the overall gym training picture, click here to move to the next level of education.