Will Kratom Show On A Drug Test?

Kratom, also referred to as Mitragyna speciosa is a plant that falls under the category of coffee family and has its origin in Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and some parts of the Southern region of Asia. The plant bears interesting features such as chemical compounds that can stimulate the brain and unique leaves as well as flowers. Apart from its uniqueness, the plant serves people living in the regions where it grows with materials for domestic use. An example that would suffice is that the locals use it for brewing home beverages like tea.

kratom drug test metabolites

Currently, Kratom has not been categorized under any drugs in the U.S. So, it is clear that the plant has not been declared illegal and users can freely reap its benefits without conflicting with the law. That translates that the plant and its products are not illegal. Talking about drug tests, several institutions like the athletic fraternity carry out drug tests on their members to determine the presence or the absence of some substances. On the same note, getting a job in the current world comes with carrying out several drug tests to determine the presence or absence of certain drugs. Some of the substances that these drug tests seek to discern are:

  • Opium
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Ecstasy
  • LSD
  • Peyote
  • Amphetamines

Before looking at the possibilities of how Kratom can test positive on a drug taste, it is good to put it in bold which body fluids concern the tests.  The main fluid that suits drug test is the urine. Mostly, if you are looking for a job or you are an employee in a certain capacity, the drug test that the employer requests you to carry out most would involve urine. On the same breath, the illegal drugs are the only ones tested.

kratom metabolites

Since Kratom does not fall under the illegal drugs category, it penetrates the market within the U.S. easily. Any buyer can purchase the products online or in preferred stores. The Kratom products come in various forms like gums, powder, and capsules. Mostly, these products have a label indicating that human consumption is not allowed. However, most consumers still use them as an alternative for curbing various cravings like alcohol addiction and the rest of opioids.

The scientific knowledge so far has not revealed whether Kratom is safe for human consumption, but that does not stop humanity from reaping the benefits that come with it. On the same note, it does not translate to any gesture that the herb has harmful traces. So, in case you use these products, you should not worry. Kraton does not count anywhere near the illegal substances.

The Kratom effect on the brain resembles the one brought about by opiate drugs. Its alkaloids react to opioid receptors of the brain making the effect similar to opium, but the opiate drug test does not reflect Kratom alkaloids. That is the real sense does not interpret that alkaloids can’t give a positive result in body fluids. It surely does. The good news here is that since Kratom is not illegal, it does not work teste in any drug test. So, you as a consumer of Kratom as well as its products, you can rest assured that you can’t fail any drug test.

Many times, almost every employer opts to carry out urine analysis when it comes to doing a drug test. This method is very advantageous when Kratom is in question. The urine analysis mostly seeks to reflect the presence of drug metabolites in the urine. This type of test proves to portray accuracy in detecting the availability of illegal drugs in your system. However, since Kratom does not fall under the illegal drugs category, this test should not give you sleepless nights. Other existing drug tests that should not worry you if you are a kratom user are:

  • Hair test
  • Blood test
  • Sweat test

Usually, Kratom reacts 10 to 15 minutes after you take it. The time that the effects last depends on the number of strains. A small dosage of kratom does not exceed two hours.

On the other hand, high dosage can last up to eight hours. The effects of Kratom like many other stimulants get you much higher on an empty stomach. If your stomach is full, the effect may take about an hour. As part of some work-related regulations, academic institutions routine, and other formalities, a person may face requirements to carry out drug tests.  Any smart person can take these advantages that come with Kratom if he/she is going for a drug test.

During drug tests, “the cut-off-level” is a terminology used to mark the minimum traces of a drug that should be in the system for a person to test positive. Therefore, a negative result does not dismiss a person’s system free of drugs. It only shows that a person may have some traces of drugs but below the cut-off-level. So, in case you take Kratom in low dose, the chances are that there can never be any hint of it in your system.

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Several people take opiates for Kratom. However, the difference is huge. It’s true that both substances bind to the brain receptors to create stimulation in the brain. But opiates form dependence which is not the case with the Kratom alkaloids. Due to the addictive nature of the opiates, the body system starts to depend on it slowly. Opiates can test positive in a drug test while kratom alkaloids don’t.

In a nutshell, every person who uses Kratom whether in processed form or by chewing the leaves and brewing tea using them should feel safe about drug tests.  The alkaloids of Kratom do not fall under the category of the prohibited substances. They help in fighting addictions that result from the continuous use of opiates and other abused substances like marijuana and cocaine. Also, the alkaloids of Kratom are not prohibited, so if you carry out a drug test, you are sure to test negative if your system is free from other substance like opium and heroin.

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