Katy Mixon of American Housewife Talks about Her Secret to Weight Loss

Losing weight has become an obsession for many people because achieving their ideal weight has become more elusive and even borders on impossible.

Other people are always on the lookout for others’ flaws to make themselves look better.

But it shouldn’t be the case. You can take charge of your life and lose the weight if you do a little bit of research. Just look at what popular celebrities do and copy what they are doing right and what you are comfortable in doing yourself. You might have a shot for a major body transformation you’ve only been dreaming about for years.

Many Americans find themselves in this hot mess but it’s even worse for regular housewives who often are most riddled with weight issues. But it’s not a lost case yet as Katy Mixon, American Housewife star, will show you very well how to tackle weight loss and fitness without losing your mind. Gone is the party girl from Mike and Molly because Katy now portrays the quintessential housewife in the series, the American Housewife. As a mom of three, Katy’s new character is a complete opposite of the role she portrayed for the past six years but this time it is her time to shine as she takes on the lead role. The funny thing is that she holds the title as the fattest mom in town considering that weight is such a pretty sensitive issue these days.

The show initially required her to put on some weight to fit the description of her character, something not all actresses are comfortable in doing especially that losing weight isn’t an easy feat to pull off for most of us. But we also witnessed how she managed to bounce back and lose weight once more. Others are surprised and can’t help but wonder how she did it. Some people close to her credit her weight loss to Garcinia Cambogia. We’ve all heard about this miracle pill but what’s really all the fuss with this popular diet supplement?


Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit that was used to make dishes sour in some Asian countries as well as relieve GI discomfort but has been recently discovered to have fat burning and appetite suppressing properties. Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is its active ingredient that has been proven to curb the appetite and burn fats aside from preventing new fats from forming in various studies. It works by blocking citrate lyase, the enzyme that is responsible for making new fats. You can likewise say goodbye to emotional overeating as Garcinia boost serotonin production, the feel-good neurotransmitter that will rewire the way your body thinks and give you less satisfaction from (over)eating.

Just make sure to choose the Pure Garcinia extract pill since it contains less fillers and more of the real thing that can boost natural weight loss even without the help of exercise and proper diet. In a span of a few weeks, you can lose significant weight like Katy Mixon did even without going under the knife to achieve dramatic results. But to make sure that you can keep that new rocking body you have, try leading a more active lifestyle, eating healthily and drink lots of water similar to what Katy Mixon did.

Katie Mixon’s Instagram With Weight Loss Photoshttps://www.instagram.com/katyemixon/

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