Katherine Hiegl’s Body Journey

In your lifetime, you undergo different phases that also affect the way your body looks. Nostalgic memories of playing in the dirt and under the sun make up your active childhood days where there were little traces of fat in your young and agile body. Once puberty hits you, you undergo various changes that mostly determine how you look like in adult life. Your raging hormones and growing body is a force to reckon with that also influences your mood and temper. Things start to plateau once you start adulting. You engage in less physical activities because of increased mental demands at work and you mostly spend your free time catching up on lost sleep and rest. If you are a woman, more changes are expected to take place once you get pregnant and start making babies.

Stars aren’t immune from all these developmental changes a person goes through in his/ her lifetime. Even a popular actress like Katherine Hiegl had her ups and downs in her personal life especially when she gained 40 lbs. during her pregnancy. Her boobs more than doubled its size and all the other changes she went through made her take a Hollywood hiatus and focus more of her time on her growing family. The couple already have two adopted kids, by the way.

Her weight loss has been absolutely amazing – losing over 10 lbs in just a few weeks.

Katherine shared that the pregnancy in itself wasn’t hard for her. It was the accompanying weight gain that was more of a shock to her system. She dreaded having to step on the weighing scale during her monthly prenatal check-ups because she was putting on a lot of weight every single time. It’s bad enough for an ordinary woman but it’s like a double edged sword for a celebrity like her. Despite her best efforts to eat healthily, the weight keeps on adding up. She totally felt helpless but she can’t do anything much about it because of the baby.

As if the woes of weight gain weren’t enough for her to deal with, she also had to deal with the bodily changes brought about by breastfeeding. Any woman who tried to breastfeed before or is currently breastfeeding knows very well how big your breasts can become because of the milk production. She went from a D bra cup to an I. It was really horrifying for her who never thought that such a bra size ever existed. While breastfeeding wasn’t entirely a positive experience for her, it helped her lose weight. It was something that she really liked. That’s when she realized her body can take care of itself and she should stop stressing herself over all the changes her body is going through.

Katherine has lost a ton of weight because of the Keto diet – which is a great way to burn fat off. Not eating sugar is the foundation of the keto plan.

This is how Heigl burned off all of that fat and dropped the pounds- by not consuming sugar.
workouts and macros
While she has not yet lost all the pregnancy weight she gained, she is far more comfortable in her body now than she did in the past. She believes it is finally doing what it should do. However, she also got additional help from supplements like placenta pills and regular yoga helped her curb her weight gain which overwhelmed her all throughout her pregnancy since working out was doubly hard for her considering her delicate condition. She even tried various natural remedies like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and water to manage her indigestion. She likewise drinks a cup of low-acid organic coffee daily for her headache and ankle edema. Katherine worked so hard to look sexy all this time that gaining weight was a new experience for her but she eventually accepted the body that she has now because she received the best gift of her lifetime – her baby boy.

Katherine Heigl’s Instagram Featuring Weight Loss Journey – https://www.instagram.com/katherineheigl/

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