Jenna Dewan-Tatum Steps Up Her Fitness Game

Getting fit is more of a journey rather than a destination. Although we all aspire to get to a certain weight and achieve a specific body size, it takes constant effort in maintaining your figure and you can’t just afford to be lax about it. We often think of fitness as a punishment for being fat and ugly. Well, perhaps for some who are desperately trying to lose weight to get a new leash on life, it is the answer they are looking for all along. However, fitness is life for some. They probably crave the endorphin rush brought by a good exercise session but it can be because they are concerned over their health and weight loss is a big factor for them to become healthy once more.

For a celebrity like Jenna Dewan Tatum who is married to one of the hottest male actors of today – Channing Tatum – she is probably pressured to maintain her lean and sexy figure to make sure her husband does not dare look on any other women aside from her. In all honesty, Jenna is one hot momma. Even after giving birth, she managed to lose all the baby weight and look fabulous once again.

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However, sporting a body like that of Jenna takes a lot of hard work. She even works with a personal trainer to help her stay fit and in shape all the time. Obviously, Jenna likes to work out a lot. She works out three to five times a week when she is home and even continued working out even during her pregnancy although it was mostly arm exercises since her gowns (during red carpets) often bared her toned arms. But now (4 years later) that the baby is out, she warms up with a dance routine but she does not miss out on her abs routine that is responsible for her rocking hard abs similar to that of her husband. What are you expecting from a former back-up dancer like her, right? It’s not always serious workout but she also mixes in some groove in her agenda. Crunches, planks and bridges are just some of the things she does constantly to maintain her good looks as well as mix in some shadowboxing. After all, you have to pay the price to be beautiful.

One thing worth noting about Jenna’s fitness routine is her diet. She’s a certified vegan. She takes eating seriously and got it all covered according to her personal trainer. I mean just look at her. She looks healthy and slim. Her skin even looked better because of the food she eats. She does not look malnourished or anything. Everything looks normal and natural. Even in nude photo shoots, she still looks glam and hot with no traces of being a mother at all.

Losing weight has been easy for Jenna Dewan because of her keto plan that she follows.

She even attributes her lean figure to her playful daughter who is growing up to be quite a handful. Chasing after her little one is her alternative workout session when she can’t make it to the gym. At least now we all know that despite her often ridiculous workout plan, she is just like any other mother whose world revolves around her child. The only difference is that she’s looking uber gorgeous and her equally handsome husband won’t have any reasons to look anywhere else.

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