4 Corners Cannabis CBD Oil Brand Review – Should You Buy It?

4 Corners is one of the leading producers of CBD-based products. Its products are authentic and come with an array of benefits, including treating cancer and epilepsy—both in dogs and human beings. But before deep diving into the company profile, understand what CBD oil is, the benefits, and the process of extraction.

First, the Basics

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Obtained from stalks and seeds of the cannabis (hemp) plant, Cannabidiol (abbreviated as CBD hemp) oil or simply CBD oil, is a naturally grown botanic concentrate. CBD oil, which comes with numerous health benefits, is high in CBD compounds. Among the 85 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, CBD hemp oil is actually the second common compound after THC (an abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol). Unlike THC, Cannabidiol doesn’t lead to the euphoric-like high effect since it is non-psychotropic.

The Process

Manufacturers of Pure CBD hemp oil products extract the raw materials from the cannabis plant varieties that are naturally abundant in CBD, but low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Producers of these CBD-based products then use an advanced extraction process to achieve a high concentration of CBD oil that also contains nutritious contents like omega-3 fatty acids, chlorophyll, and terpenes in addition to amino acids plus other phytocannabinoids like cannabichromene, cannabigerol, cannabinol, & cannabidivarin.

How It Is Consumed

You can consume pure hemp CBD oil products directly as nutritional supplements. Over the past years, technological advances have led to the discovery of different CBD products (i.e. capsules, drops, oral tinctures, salve, vape liquid, and pedigree for animals).

About 4 Corners Cannabis

Now that you have understood what CBD hemp oil is, let this article walk you through one of the best CBD producing products—4 Corners Cannabis.

Run and managed by two brothers, 4 Corners Cannabis comes in the CBD industry oil with more than 25 years of experience. Driven by the desire and passion to succeed in this industry, the two brothers embarked on a journey of making genuine CBD products 25 years ago. They started by growing the CBD cannabis plant. From there, they established a CBD oil company—which offers quality product among the CBD oil lovers.

Organically Grown, Made Products

4 Corners Cannabis offers quality CBD oil-based products that organically made. Most of their products are organically grown. In particular, the ‘Ma’at” strain, just like marijuana, is organically bred and can be used by human beings. Their flowers’ genetics boast the levels of cannabinoids (such as CBD). What’s more, they also contain high levels of terpenes—that hugely boosts the effectiveness of the products; thanks to the “entourage effect.”

Seed to Final Product Operation

4 Corners Cannabis, an industry leader in the production of CBD hemp-based oil today, operates on “seeds to final products” basis and it grows its own cannabis in Colorado. The company then extracts the products with the help of organic sugar ethanol to make sure that the genetic chemical makeup of the plant is fully represented.

4 Corners Cannabis Product Line

The product line of the4 Corners Cannabis consists of 4 authentic products.
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Oral Tincture

This is a CBD hemp oil-based drops. This product is available in 15ml bottles (which contains 250/ 500mg of CBD oil) & 30ml bottle (containing about 1000mg of CBD oil).

Oral tinctures can also be bought in a 500mg CBD (filled a 15ml bottle) and 1000mg CBD (filled in a 30ml bottle). The oral tinctures is comprised of MCT Oil and Dominant hemp oil in addition to Limonene (which is essentially an orange extract).

Vape Liquid

The vape liquid, another CBD hemp vape oil, is available in a 15ml bottle (which usually contains 250mg /500mg of the CBD oil) as well as a 30ml bottle (contains about 1000mg of CBD oil).


Salve, commonly referred to as topical CBD oil salve, can be bought in the quantities of 100mg of CBD

Pedigree for Animals

The pedigree for animal CBD oil is a particularly designed for dogs, cats, in addition to other animals.

Product Quality

Origin of hemp: The product is 100% Colorado hemp and it is grown on the company’s own farm. Plus, you can access third-party lab reports, but on request.

Company Information

Location: the company is located in Colorado’s Four Corners region

Year founded: The Company was founded in the year 2013

Countries served: Unfortunately, 4 Corners Cannabis services only the United States. But it covers all the 50 states.

Customer Service

There is a contact form on the company’s main website. Plus, there is a Facebook messenger on its official Facebook page.

Product Benefits

4 Corners Cannabis manufactures products that boost the functioning of the mind plus body. Tinctures, vape, as well as t-shirts make up the product line.

Customer Service

4 Corners Cannabis customer care desk can be reached via contact number 970-661-000 or email address (i.e. info@get4corners.com). Customer service hours are from 9 am to 5 pm MT.

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The Pros

  • Superior quality product genetics
  • An operation that is based on “seed to final product”
  • The product options on the website is simple
  • Excellent care desk to answer quarries from customers
  • Orders are usually shipped within twenty-four (24) hours

The Cons

  • High-end prices (but the products are exceptional)
  • Only shipped within the U.S.A

4 Corners Cannabis in 30 Seconds

4 Corners Cannabis, a Colorado-based business establishment, is famous for producing high-end products from CBD hemp oil. They grow cannabis on its farm located in Colorado’s Four Corners area.

The Bottom-line

4 Corners Cannabis is a committed company that produces high-end CBD oil-based products. Their products are grown and extracted in-house, making them one of the most reliable cannabis company in the United States of America. Despite the fact that their products are relatively more expensive and they only serve the USA, they have re-affirmed their authority in the market by producing extremely quality products that meet the exclusive needs of their customers. No wonder it has a base of loyal customers all over the USA. Additionally, they have exceptional communication desk that addresses customer concerns. For instance, customers can discuss CBD-related issues and experiences through their closed Facebook group.


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